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Warm Memories

Jaakko Niemelä

25. November 2019
A look into my exhibition at Helsinki Kunsthalle, 2015; Foto: Marjo Tynkkynen

»I got the Werkstattpreis der Kunststiftung Erich Hauser in 1997 and was invited to work at Erich Hauser’s studio in the summer. At the same time, Kunststiftung Erich Hauser invited two other artists to the studios, Jane Clarke from England and Stéf B from France.

Coming to Rottweil I felt like a rock star. In the airport there was a chauffeur waiting for me with a big Mercedes who took me to Rottweil. It was the fastest drive I have had so far. We drove close to 200 km/hour on the motorways.

Working in the studios was a very nice opportunity for a young artist. The studio spaces were huge and very well equipped. The studios were also in a very good order and clean.  I also warmly remember the very kind and skillful the studio master who helped us to use all the machines and with all of our problems. This same person gave us guest artists good German beer when the working day was finished.

I remember my time in Rottweil with warm memories, an unforgettable possibility to work in a magnificent studio and delicious dinners with Erichs family in the pyramid building.« 

– Jaakko Niemelä (Helsinki), Werkstattpreisträger 1997

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